Just not wedding photography! 

We always plan out the most beautiful weddings, pay attention to the smallest details and try including everything to make the moment culturally and emotionally symbolic. But most often the captivity of such events become superficial by capturing the obvious and flatness. Wedding Photo-journalism, is all about paying attention to those details that you cared for, including elements of symbolism and emotions. The idea is to take the moments and story of your wedding through beautiful compositions and reportage styles. It’s a lot more than what conventional wedding photographers cover. It’s just not an image, but a visual delight and narrative to remember. It will contain emotions, with romantic textures. It’s about immersing and enjoying a walk down that moment, through the atmosphere, colours and visual elements in the pictures. The work, intends to anchor each moment with all that was in the wedding. It evokes senses, through the smell of the place, colour of the flowers & the dynamics of the people. 

Photographer's Information

Priyanka Daga and  her team of photograpers who  have studied art photography and completed a Masters in digital Imaging from Goldsmiths University of London

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Also, there will be a compilation of a fantastic book of your wedding pictures, done by visual communication designers! It would be classy and tasteful! 

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